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China’s Sinopharm Developing MRNA COVID-19 Vaccine Against New Variants – Official

BEIJING (Sputnik) – Chinese pharmaceutical company Sinopharm is working on a second-generation mRNA COVID-19 vaccine against new virus variants, Zhu Jingjin, the secretary of the party committee of a Sinopharm subsidiary, said.

The official from China National Biotec Group told China Central Television in an interview, that Sinopharm had already developed four vaccines including two inactivated, one mRNA vaccine, and one recombinant.

“China National Biotec Group is constantly seeking solutions to the complicated scientific and technical problems, and the research and development of the second-generation vaccine against mutated strains of COVID-19 brought good results,” Zhu said.

The secretary highlighted that the mRNA vaccine, developed autonomously by China National Biotec Group, is aimed at fighting new COVID-19 variants.

“We all are looking forward for such second-generation vaccine against mutated COVID-19 strains to enter the market as soon as possible, to help the entire world to cope with the pandemic sooner,” the official added.

As for the recombinant vaccine, the secretary said that the company had completed the first two stages of clinical trials, and evaluated the vaccine as one of the world’s most advanced, as it had proved to be effective against different COVID-19 strains including the Delta variant.

The inactivated Sinopharm’s vaccine remains effective for six months after two shots, according to Zhu, who indicated that it fully complies with the World Health Organization requirements.

China has been conducting a successful COVID-19 vaccination policy. Over 2.1 billion vaccine doses have been administered in the country.

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