Russian Scientists Have Created Material Predicted Half-Century Ago

Russian scientists have successfully synthesised a new material that exhibits the properties of “spin liquid”, a special magnetic phase of matter characterised by spins of individual atoms that do not freeze, even at temperatures close to absolute zero.

These materials could be used in quantum technologies based on the entanglement of the wave functions of individual particles. The study results were published in the Journal of Inorganic Chemistry.

Spin, the intrinsic magnetic moment of the electron, is a universal property of elementary particles. Many materials have disordered and moving particle spins at room temperature, and only freeze and become organised as the temperature decreases.

Quantum spin liquid is an extremely rare phase of matter where electron spins remain disordered and continue moving even at temperatures close to absolute zero. Scientists have considered the possibility of the existence of such a phase of matter since the dawn of quantum mechanics, but have only recently begun to search for such material.

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