BoJo to Face ‘Significant Backlash’ from MPs Over Tax Hikes, Benefit Cuts, ‘Chaotic’ Afghan Pullout

UK lawmakers reconvene following their summer break Monday, setting the stage for Prime Minister Boris Johnson to face a tough grilling from MPs over a spate of issues, ranging from proposed funding of social care reforms to the government’s “chaotic” handing of the Afghanistan crisis.

Boris Johnson is reportedly to face significant opposition from MPs on his plans to fix the crumbling social care system as the UK parliament returns after recess, reported Sky News.

The Prime Minister will also have to respond in the House of Commons to the heavy criticism that has been levelled at the government for its operation in Afghanistan, which the Labour Party branded as “chaotic”.

In his speech, Johnson will purportedly thank the 150,000 British servicemen and women for their work in Afghanistan over the past 20 years, while praising the “courage and ingenuity” of all involved in the Kabul airlift, according to extracts of his statement to Parliament released by his office.

The Prime Minister is expected to underscore the UK’s commitment to wield “every economic, political and diplomatic lever to protect our country from harm and help the Afghan people”.

Boris Johnson and Foreign Secretary Dominic Raab have faced an avalanche of criticism for their handling of the withdrawal of British forces from the country following the swift takeover by the Taliban*

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