Macron Wears Hip T-Shirt With Mystery Logo, Sparks Conspiracy Theories That He’s a Masonic Satanist

Ordinarily, the French president appears in public in suits, and in the most informal of occasions, in a white shirt, tie, and suit pants.

Emmanuel Macron is trending on social media after appearing in a TikTok Q&A session wearing a hip black T-shirt with a mysterious abstract logo containing triangles and circles.

The session, which took place Monday and was aimed at persuading reluctant young people to get vaccinated against the coronavirus amid the massive anti-Covid passport protests which have overwhelmed many French cities in recent weeks, gained traction for all the wrong reasons online, with a majority of users discussing Macron’s attire, rather than his message.

Some fashionistas apparently only wanted to know what brand of t-shirt Macron was wearing, presumably so that they could get one for themselves.