Twitter Divided as LeBron James Filmed Pushing Fan Running Toward Him at Concert

LeBron James, 36, is an iconic American basketballer who plays for the Los Angeles Lakers, a National Basketball Association (NBA) team. Many refer to him as one of the greatest basketball players in the history of the sport.

A video of LeBron James pushing an eager fan away from himself after the latter tried to approach him at an Usher concert sparked passionate discussion on Twitter on Sunday, with people trying to agree on whether the Lakers star “assaulted” the fan or was simply defending his personal space.

In a short clip filmed in the darkness of the concert, James is seen making his way through the crowd, apparently accompanied by his wife and security guards. A fan, with smartphone ready, makes an attempt to rush to his idol, but the basketballer abruptly pushes him away and continues walking.

The video was posted over the weekend and quickly went viral, drawing hundreds of users encouraged to express their opinion.