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At Least 20 Dead, 90 Injured Over Four Days of Fighting in Afghanistan’s Herat – Reports

MOSCOW (Sputnik) – At least 20 people, including some civilians, have died and another 90 injured during the last four days of ongoing fighting with the Taliban* in the Afghan city of Herat, and its outskirts, the Tolo News TV channel reports.

Over the weekend, national media reported that Taliban fighters had seized the outskirts of Herat, moving into downtown areas. Sixteen out of the 17 districts of the northwestern Herat province are now under the control of the Taliban.

According to Tolo News, during the last four days of fighting in the city of Herat, at least 16 Afghan soldiers have died, in addition to an unnamed number civilians. The Afghan TV channel says local authorities have reported “severe casualties” among the Taliban.

On Sunday, the government sent reinforcements to the city of Herat, announcing a large-scale operation against the Taliban in the region.

Afghanistan is witnessing a flare-up of tensions between government forces and the Taliban, as the latter have seized large swathes of rural areas and stepped up their offensive on large cities. Violence is on the rise amid the withdrawal of international troops from Afghanistan.

* a terror group, banned in Russia

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