‘Nasty Disease’: UK May Face Annual COVID Death Tolls of ‘Tens of Thousands’, Scientists Warn

According to the latest coronavirus data released by the UK government, the number of confirmed COVID-19 cases in the county has soared to 5.8 million, with 129,654 fatalities as of Saturday.

British medical scientists have argued that the UK may be hit by thousands of COVID deaths every winter because the disease will most likely join other seasonal viruses, including influenza, in the immediate future.

The Guardian cited Professor Adam Finn of Bristol University as saying that Britons “are going to see problems with COVID for a long time”, given that the virus “has shown itself to be genetically more nimble than we expected, though not as much as the influenza virus”.

“So I would envisage COVID being a continuing problem for some time, with annual death tolls reaching thousands and possibly tens of thousands”, Finn predicted.

On the other hand, he suggested that the coronavirus is “not going to be something that brings society to a halt”, saying the government can “minimise the problems it [COVID] poses – through careful use of vaccines, for example”.

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