Video of Turkish President Erdogan ‘Falling Asleep’ During Eid Message Goes Viral

What is notable is that the president’s address to his fellow party members was pre-recorded rather than filmed live, begging the question how the bit with Erdogan’s momentary zizz ended up in the video after editing.

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan’s Eid al-Adha message to members of the governing Justice and Development Party has stirred social media, but rather than focusing on the contents of his speech, netizens couldn’t help but point out that the president appeared to have drifted off for a brief moment right in the middle of his address.

In a video of the message, which quickly went viral on Twitter, Erdogan is seen pausing his speech and closing his eyes for a couple of seconds, before resuming his Eid greeting to fellow AKP members.