‘Like The Wild West’, MPs Warn as Reality TV And Influencers Cause UK Cosmetic Surgery Industry Boom

It is illegal in England for those under 18 to receive Botox injections or fillers but some MPs want to ban other types of non-surgical cosmetic surgeries. The Scottish government is expected to announce its own plans “in the near future”.

The All-Party Parliamentary Group on Beauty, Aesthetics and Wellbeing has published a report into the cosmetic surgery industry and says it is time for the UK government to regulate it and put a stop to dangerous procedures.

The report says demand for non-surgical cosmetic procedures has “exploded” in recent years, partly as a result of Instagram and the rise of social media influencers and because of the popularity of reality TV shows such as Love Island which has included several young women, who have clearly had cosmetic surgery on their breasts and lips.

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