From Victim to Villain: Mixed Feelings in Haiti After President’s Assassination

MOSCOW (Sputnik) – The assassination of Haitian President Jovenel Moise, fatally shot in an overnight attack on 7 July, has reignited deep-seated safety concerns among people and caused mixed feelings in the Caribbean nation, going through a severe political and economic crisis.

While some consider the assassinated president a victim of his environment, others blame him for the hardships that the nation has had to endure. The aftermath of the assassination exposed Haiti as a very divided and impoverished country in need of profound change.

Haitian social activist Wendy Osirus, the founder of the Movement for Human Rights, Peace and Justice, thinks this tragedy is going to make Moise a martyr in the eyes of people.

“With his death, Moise ends up becoming a martyr, and this makes people have negative feelings about everything that aims to criticise the murdered president because they have already started to see him as a victim. The population is shocked, confused, sad, outraged, like a group of sheep without a shepherd”, Osirus told Sputnik.

On the other hand, many Haitians are convinced that it was the political mistakes of Moise that generated chaos in the country, an opinion shared by the Haitian ethnologist, writer, and university professor Elince Bastien.

“Nobody is celebrating the death of the president because nobody enjoys the death of a human being, but if Moise were alive, he would have to admit that he made many mistakes, and it cannot be ignored that the Haitian people do not forget the history”, Bastien told Sputnik.

Haiti has been dealing with institutional controversies since last year, and Moise only worsened the situation, leading the country into chaos, the expert argued.

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