From Hitting Bezos With Stick to Replacing Him as CEO: What We Know About New Amazon Boss Andy Jassy

While the first encounter between the outgoing and incoming CEOs of Amazon was arguably not ideal, this did not stop Bezos from seeing potential in Andy Jassy, who made a number of proposals that turned out to be significant for the company.

Amazon’s long-time CEO Jeff Bezos announced back in February 2021 that he would be stepping down from his post and instead observe the company’s activities as executive chair of the board. He is set to be replaced on 5 July, the 27th anniversary of Amazon, with the head of its fastest-growing divisions, Andy Jassy, stepping in to manage the company’s day-to-day operations.

Here is what we know about the new CEO of the US tech giant:

Unfortunate Encounter With Bezos and Significant Proposals for Company

Jassy joined Amazon in 1997, when the then-online book retailer was only preparing for its initial public offering (IPO). The Harvard University and Harvard Business School graduate bumped into the company’s founder and CEO, Jeff Bezos, during a session of the company’s favourite competitive sport, “broomball”. He accidentally hit his boss over the head with a paddle that is used to play the game. Bezos, however, bore no hard feelings and despite what was perhaps not the smoothest introduction, he repeatedly promoted the Harvard graduate in the subsequent years.

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