Apollo 11 Lunar Footage is Fake, UFO Hunter Claims

Waring pointed out that, while he does consider that particular video a “100 percent fake,” he does not claim that all “all the Apollo missions are fake.”

Blogger Scott C. Waring, who is forever trying to make a name for himself by making endless UFO-related claims, has now set his sights on footage of a NASA astronaut touching down on the Moon during the Apollo 11 mission.

This time, however, Waring has not claiming any alien discoveries but instead challenging the veracity of the video, arguing that “the moon and the lunar module were recorded first, and then the astronaut was placed in it later.”

“As the astronaut steps down the ladder, you can see the moons shadow that should be behind his foot…suddenly is in front of his foot,” he wrote in his blog. “Same goes with his upper leg making the horizon of the moon visible through him. As the astronaut steps down onto the moon, you can easily notice the horizon of the moons surface through his chest. This should be impossible. However there is one explanation…that the video was faked and the astronaut was added later after the video was made.”

Waring pointed out, however, that he’s not alleging that “all the Apollo missions are fake,” but he does regard the video as “100 percent fake.”

“NASA deliberately lied and created their own video that would be seen throughout history and be called a monumental moment for humanity…a monumental lie maybe,” he added. “Its sad, but true.”

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