Journalist Apologises for Breaking South African Decuplets Story

JOHANNESBURG (Sputnik) – Piet Rampedi, the editor at Pretoria News, who reported on a South African woman giving birth to 10 children, has issued an apology to his higher-ups and colleagues after the story was contested by the authorities and the woman’s partner.

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Earlier in June, Rampedi broke the story about a 37-year-old Gosiame Sithole, who is said to have set a new world record by giving birth to 10 babies, seven boys and three girls, after eight months of pregnancy. However, the country’s health ministry has not confirmed the birth. Sitole’s partner, Tebogo Tsotetsi, also stated that he had not seen the children and refused to believe in their existence without proof.

“I am sorry for the reputational damage the aftermath of the story has caused for the group, the company and my colleagues in general. For that, I am extremely sorry. It was unfortunate. And I would like to apologise to you, my colleagues and the group,” Rampedi wrote in a letter to the editor-in-chief of newspaper group Independent Media, admitting not researching the story in sufficient detail.

Nevertheless, Rampedi stood by his reporting about Sithole being pregnant and giving birth.

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