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Mexican Conservatives Vow Legal Action After Alleged Hackers Issue Gay Pride Tweets

Earlier this week, the Twitter account for Mexico’s Solidarity Encounter Party, or Partido Encuentro Solidario (PES), added a rainbow overlay to its logo and issued a series of tweets that, in part, called for equal rights for all. Netizens were quick to tie the act to a hacker, rather than the conservative Christian party.

The Solidarity Encounter Party proclaimed late Thursday night that it will pursue legal action against the individual(s), who “hacked” their Twitter profile and tweeted several pro-LGBTQ+ and gay pride-themed slogans. 

“Amor es amor,” reads a since-deleted tweet that was hashtagged Sinaloa and Baja California – Mexicans states that recently approved same-sex marriage legislation.  

Many of the conservative party’s tweets received tens of thousands of likes and other Twitter engagements before they were deleted. 

​”Was the account of the Solidarity Meeting Party hacked? Or were they already like that and I didn’t even take into account?” posed one netizen in a translated tweet.

According to the right-wing fundamentalist Christian party, the tweets exhibited “a lack of respect for our institution.” 

“We will continue with legal action against whoever hacked our social media,” the conservative group said, according to the Associated Press. 

It has been suggested that the rainbow overlay on the Solidary Encounter Party logo came about due to a disgruntled and unpaid social media manager.  

“We repeat that the alleged debt owed to the Community Manager is not the fault of the PES, but rather of the contractor, with whom there is no debt,” the conservative group claimed, loosely responding to the reports. 

The party has since regained access to its account.  

The Solidary Encounter Party, or PES, was launched in Mexico last year and acts as a replacement for the Social Encounter Party, a Christian, socially-conservative political party that failed to meet the vote share threshold in the 2018 general election.

The conservative group refers to itself as “The Party of the Family, Life, Peace and Reconciliation,” or “El Partido de la Familia, la Vida, la Paz y la Reconciliación.” Additionally, the party has advocated for so-called “traditional families,” and is overwhelmingly anti-abortion. 

Despite its recent formation, PES may go the same way as the SEP, as it failed to secure the necessary 3% of votes in most states during the June 7, 2021, Mexican legislative election. 

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