Biden Drops ‘Tough Guy’ Act in Geneva to Get Deal on Arms Control, Ex-Diplomat Says

WASHINGTON (Sputnik) – President Joe Biden abandoned the US public pose of trying to act tough against Moscow in order to reach a deal on nuclear arms control with Russian President Vladimir Putin at their Geneva summit, former Canadian diplomat Patrick Armstrong told Sputnik.

After their talks in Geneva earlier on Wednesday, Biden and Putin agreed to set up a new Strategic Stability Dialogue to reduce the risk of conflict between the world’s two dominant thermonuclear powers.

“The American side asked for the meeting after two ‘tough guy’ failures: the coup attempt in Belarus and the ‘de-occupation’ of Crimea farce,” Armstrong, who once served as counselor at Ottawa’s Embassy in Moscow, said. “Thus the one important purpose of the meeting was achieved with the agreement to talk about arms control: the American side needs it and Moscow prefers stability and predictability.”

In the 1990s, Armstrong added, the Americans believed they no longer needed to pay any attention to Russia, hence let Cold War-era arms control agreements lapse.

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