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Netanyahu’s Ex-Mossad Chief Hints at Agency’s Role in Natanz Blast, Iranian Scientist’s Killing

The former Israeli spymaster made significant revelations about his work at Mossad just a week after leaving his post, while normally such details become public years or even decades after events take place.

Yossi Cohen, the ex-Mossad chief who retired last week, has given an extensive interview to Israel’s Channel 12 in which he detailed an abundance of information about his and the agency’s input in the country’s operations and even diplomatic victories over the five years that he ran Mossad.

He shared details about an alleged Israeli operation in 2018 that resulted, as Tel Aviv claims, in the obtaining of Iranian documents purportedly proving that Iran sought to develop nuclear weapons. Cohen said that Mossad operatives, none of whom were Israeli, had been planning and preparing the operation for two years. The preparations included extensive rehearsals at a replica of the site Mossad was planning to raid.

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