Man Who Slapped Macron Reportedly Sentenced to Four Months in Prison

The man who slapped French President Emmanuel Macron in the face was sentenced to 18 months in jail, with 14 of them suspended, BFM TV reported on Thursday.

Earlier in the day, the broadcaster reported that the Parisian prosecutor’s office demanded an 18-month prison sentence for Damian Tarel who slapped Macron at a public event on 8 June.

French President Emmanuel Macron talks to residents Tuesday June 8, 2021 in Valence, southeastern France.

The article on violence against a government official envisions a maximum punishment of 3 years in prison and a €45,000 fine ($55,000).

On Wednesday, Tarel reportedly said during questioning that his actions were not planned.

On 8 June, he slapped Macron in the face as the president approached the public for greetings during a visit to the southeastern Drome department. Security quickly intervened and apprehended the assailant, along with the person filming the scene.

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