‘Were not on Magic Mushrooms’: FC Roma’s Chris Smalling and His Wife Claim They Saw ‘Craziest’ UFO

The UFO believer community, it seems, has two new members. Who would ever guess that footballers and their wives are no strangers to strange things.

Chris Smalling, a defender for Rome’s football club, and his wife Sam Cooke puzzled netizens as the player’s spouse alleged in a recent Instagram “stories” post that they had seen a UFO. What’s more, she insisted that they “were not on magic mushrooms or anything”.

Credit: Sam Cooke Instagram Sam CookeCredit: Sam Cooke Instagram
“We could have got it on camera when it was flying by us as it was clear to see, but we were both too gobsmacked to get our cameras out,” Cooke said in an Instagram post.

She also added in another post she was one hundred percent sure the object was not a drone, as it was massive and very sophisticated, with “faint lights all around the edge”. 

The truth must be out there, Sam. 

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