Twitterquake as Floyd Maywather Wears OnlyFans Hat When Entering Ring to Fight Logan Paul

Hats appear to be a signature item in the fight between YouTuber Logan Paul and unbeaten boxing legend Floyd Mayweather. A month before the fight, Paul sparked passions after he snatched Mayweather’s hat during a presser in Miami. Well, now Mayweather’s got a new one.

Hardly had the Sunday fight between Logan Paul and Floyd Mayweather started, and the latter has already made waves on Twitter after coming into the ring wearing an OnlyFans hat.

Videos and photos immediately flocked social media, showing Mayweather wearing a green-and-white robe and a cap that has “OnlyFans” written on it, referring to a web platform that is typically used for sharing images – mostly of an adult nature – for paid subscribers only.

Netizens were left guessing how much the promotion might garner Mayweather.

Some of the users were in stitches after seeing Mayweather’s pre-fight look, but others were disgusted.