FBI ‘G-Man’ Reportedly Sexually Harassed Female Juniors, Drank ‘Regularly’ on the Job

It has not been clarified in reports by who, in what location and at what time the alleged inappropriate movements toward female subordinates were made, but the incidents are reportedly being investigated by the Department of Justice’s Inspector General’s Office.

An unnamed high-ranking FBI agent groped and sexually harassed his female junior agents, while also making inappopriate and unwanted comments and regularly hitting the bottle while at work, the New York Post reported, citing documents related to the case obtained by the outlet through a “Freedom of Information Act” request.

The so-called ‘G-man’, according to The Post, worked as a supervisory assistant to the special agent in charge. The Department of Justice’s Inspector General’s Office investigated three allegations of “unwanted sexual touching and the illegal boozing”, and the probe was completed on 7 December 2020.

According to the documents, the G-man groped juniors both at the workplace and at after-work events at bars.

One incident described in the documents involved the unnamed FBI employee fondling his colleague as he and two others stood “at an unidentified watering hole”, as he then “rubbed her vagina and buttocks over her clothing with his hand on multiple occasions for a few seconds each time”. 

“Do you think I should try to sleep with her?” he allegedly asked one of his colleagues before reportedly doing just that.

The victim of the alleged assault later received a text from a friend who witnessed the groping and asked if she was okay.

“It was gross and creepy, he was touching the same parts of me repeatedly so not by accident. But like you said, we put up with a lot so as not to rock the boat,” the victim texted back.

Another woman allegedly said that the agent would rub her shoulders when they worked together, saying that “she seemed tense.” At an after-work event in the bar, he would allegedly grab her butt and say “tell me that you want me.”

Some witnesses described the agent as being “slimy” and “over the top”, while one witness claimed that he boorishly asked “do you think she does anal?” regarding a female co-worker.

It was also found that the agent “drank on the job with foreign law enforcement officials and US military members at least four times”. Investigators also discovered two bottles of wine and an empty box of Glenlivet scotch under his desk, along with a full bottle of whiskey and a small bottle of liquor on a bookshelf.

There was no official statement from the FBI with regard to the report.

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