Mia Khalifa Endures Online Backlash After Tasting ‘Wine’ Older Than ‘Apartheid State’

Taking note of what drink Mia was seen tasting, several social media users went on to insist that the beverage was made in 1943 in the Nazi-occupied part of France.

As the most recent escalation of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict has subsided, Lebanese-American ex-porn star Mia Khalifa stepped forward to apparently bash Israel on social media.

Tweeting a picture of herself sipping what appears to be champagne from a glass, Khalifa wrote in the caption: “My wine is older than your apartheid ‘state’.”

While the former adult film actress did not name the country she was referring to in her tweet, a number of social media users apparently deduced that her criticism was aimed at Israel, and proceeded to savage her over it.