Video: Argentinian News Anchor Confuses Shakespeares While Reporting on UK Hospital Patient’s Death

The famous bard William Shakespeare, who gave humanity the story of Romeo and Juliet, died in 1616, but his namesake, who was an inpatient in the frailty ward at University Hospital in Coventry, UK, at the time becoming one of the first to get the COVID-19 vaccine, died this week of a stroke unrelated to the inoculation.

An Argentinian TV news program provided a startling, slightly inaccurate, as one might put it, scoop when it announced on Thursday night that William Shakespeare, “one of the most important writers in the English language,” had died five months after receiving the COVID-19 vaccine shot, in what can only be characterized as a case of someone who clearly should have done their research.

Noelia Novillo, a newsreader on national Canal 26, made a gaffe that simply can not be overlooked when she confused the Bard with William “Bill” Shakespeare, an 81-year-old Warwickshire man who was one of the world’s first recipients of the Pfizer vaccine.