Priyanka Chopra, Nick Jonas Start Fundraising for India to Fight Malnutrition, Hunger

A recent study by Azim Premji University in the Indian state of Karnataka has revealed that a year of COVID-19 has pushed 213 million Indians into poverty.

After raising over $1 million with the fundraising campaign “Together For India” to provide the country with medical resources, Indian-American actress Priyanka Chopra and her husband Nick Jonas have once again come forward to support India’s battle against “malnutrition and hunger” amid a second wave of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Launching this initiative, the couple posted a video on social media in which they discussed the ramifications that the pandemic continues to have in India. It also highlighted the issue of hunger and malnutrition.

Nick quoted a recent study by Azim Premji University in India’s Karnataka state and said, “One year of COVID-19 has pushed 213 million Indians into poverty. Millions of Indians are struggling to eat even just one meal a day”.

Priyanka also highlighted that since schools have been closed due to the lockdown, millions of children, who were getting midday lunches, are no longer able to have a nutritious meal.

Looking at the grim reality of hunger and malnutrition in India prompted them to start this fundraiser and urge their fans to come forward and donate for those in need.

​Expressing their gratitude to all 14,000 Good Samaritans who made donations earlier for medical resources and healthcare infrastructure, Nick shared, “So far with your support we have raised over $1 million for our fundraiser ‘Together For India’ to support oxygen supply for Covid patients and set up vaccination centres to combat the spread of the pandemic. Your funds have helped us procure 500 oxygen concentrators, 422 oxygen cylinders and helped over 6 thousand people to get vaccinated”.

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