Israeli Government Signs $1.2B Deal With Google, Amazon for Nimbus Cloud Services Project

In February, public cloud provider Oracle launched a cloud region from an underground data center in Jerusalem, which came after the Israeli government launched its cloud services project, Nimbus.

The Israeli government signed a $1.2 billion deal on Monday with Amazon Web Services (AWS) and tech giant Google in an effort to provide cloud services for the country’s public sector and military. 

“The cloud services will be hosted by local cloud providers,” the Israeli Finance Ministry explained, as reported by Haaretz. “The data stored on them will remain within Israel’s borders under strict data security regulations overseen by the relevant government offices.”

Israel is one of the major exporters of military equipment in the world, and has more than 150 active defense companies in the country. Cloud sites established in Israel are expected to keep information within its borders and under strict security guidelines, as it will include most of the government’s IT infrastructure.

“Project Nimbus is our flagship multi-year plan and the first of its kind. The project is intended to provide the government, the defense establishment and others with an all encompassing cloud solution,” the ministry said.

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