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UAE May Put Big Deals with Israel on Back-Burner for Now, But Ties Won’t Be Hurt, Source Says

Abu Dhabi will find it difficult to justify its ties with the Jewish state, which has been accused by human rights groups of atrocities in Gaza, where at least 230 people have lost their lives. But one source says that despite the current turmoil, the UAE will stick to the Abraham Accords of October 2020.

After 11 days of fighting, Egyptian mediators finally managed to broker a ceasefire between Israel and Hamas that came into effect at 2am on Friday.

The initiative has already been welcomed by some world leaders, but tensions remain high and that means the truce could be broken at any given moment.

In the United Arab Emirates, one of the signatories to the Abraham Accords of October 2020, the authorities are following the developments, and a source close to the highest echelons of the government says they would like both parties to put an end to the current mess.

Silent Backing?

Throughout the course of Operation Guardian of the Walls that kicked off to curb the threat of rockets emanating from the Gaza Strip, Abu Dhabi has maintained neutrality in the conflict. Yet, before the confrontation reached its peak, the Gulf state condemned Israel for its perceived aggression against the Palestinians in East Jerusalem, where tensions have been flaring in recent weeks. 

At the time, the UAE called on Israel to end all attacks and practices against the Palestinians. But once Hamas, an Islamist group that controls the strip, launched a barrage of rockets at Israeli cities, the critics of Tel Aviv toned down their rhetoric. According to the source in Abu Dhabi, the change reflects “a terror organisation being involved”.

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