Americans Rejoice at Relaxed Mask Rules, Wary of Cheaters

WASHINGTON (Sputnik) – She is a quintessential Washingtonian yuppie, successful in career and able in sports, young and, just for the record, white and heterosexual.

Yet for the first time in her life she admits feeling herself an oppressed and stigmatized minority now that the US government is moving to ditch masks – the single most conspicuous attribute of the coronavirus pandemic.

The milestone initiative benefits only fully vaccinated people and is perceived by the woman, still expected to social distance and wear face coverings both in- and outdoors, as a coercion into getting a shot she doesn’t want in return for normalcy she craves for like everyone else.

“They cannot pass a straightforward law to get all vaxxed and are instead inventing hurdles – for traveling, dining out, walking, breathing freely. ‘Yes, yes, yes, it is your choice, but we are going to make your life unbearable,’” she speaks to Sputnik on a condition of anonymity.

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