About 500 People Take Part in Anti-Israel Protests in Berlin

BERLIN (Sputnik) – About 500 people took to the streets of the German capital of Berlin on Friday to protest Israeli actions in the Gaza Strip, a Sputnik correspondent reported on Friday, adding that some of the demonstrators were detained.

The rally is still underway, although it was supposed to end at 7.00 p.m. (17:00 GMT). The protesters remain on the streets with about 200 police officers patrolling the area to make sure that COVID-19 sanitary measures are not being violated.

The recent civil unrest in Jerusalem triggered a wave of hostilities at the border between Israel and the Gaza Strip, with Palestinian militants conducting a constant barrage targeting Israeli settlements. In response, Israel launched strikes against the Palestinian enclave, killing several militants, including some high-ranking field commanders. According to the Palestinian health authorities, the Israeli attacks killed 126 people.

Protests against Israeli actions have been taking place in Germany since Monday. In some cases, the police used force against more radical activists. Some of the activists attacked or tried to attack synagogues in Bonn, Munster and Gelsenkirchen.

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