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DarkSide Hackers Claim to Have Stolen 740Gb of Data From Toshiba, Reports Suggest

TOKYO (Sputnik) – Hackers from the DarkSide group announced that they stole data from the French branch of the Japanese corporation Toshiba, the NHK broadcaster reported on Friday, citing cybersecurity company Mitsui Bussan Secure Directions.

According to the NHK, the group claims it stole over 740 gigabytes of data from Toshiba, including information on management, new businesses and personal data.

On May 7, the Colonial Pipeline, one of the United States’ largest fuel providers, halted its operation due to a cyberattack initiated by DarkSide. According to the Bloomberg report, the company paid the hackers $5 million in untraceable cryptocurrency to decrypt their hacked data and resume supply. The hack caused fuel shortages in the East Coast and was dubbed as the “most substantial” in the nation’s history.

Fuel holding tanks are seen at Colonial Pipeline's Linden Junction Tank Farm on May 10, 2021 in Woodbridge, New Jersey. Alpharetta, Georgia-based Colonial Pipeline, which has the largest fuel pipeline, was forced to shut down its oil and gas pipeline system on Friday after a ransomware attack that has slowed down the transportation of oil in the eastern U.S. On Sunday, the federal government announced an emergency declaration that extends through June 8th and can be renewed. On Monday, the FBI confirmed that the cyberattack was carried out by DarkSide, a cybercrime gang believed to operate out of Russia.

The FBI confirmed that DarkSide ransomware was responsible for the attack on the Colonial Pipeline.

On Thursday, the ransomware group listed four other companies from which it stole sensitive data, posting the details and previews on its website. The listed companies included Italian company Valvitalia, French helicopter service provider Heli-Union, US building materials firm Irving Materials and US company All American Asphalt.

The DarkSide group, believed to be based in Russia, released a statement stressing that it did not have any geopolitical motives and was not employed by any government. Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov firmly maintained that Russia had nothing to do with the attacks.

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