Watch: Lockdown Flouters Forced to Do Squats as Punishment by Police in India

India has registered 357,229 new COVID-19 positive cases and at least 3,449 deaths in the past 24 hours, according to the Health Ministry. The total caseload has crossed 20 million, with over 222,408 people having lost their lives since the onset of the pandemic.

As India witnesses a second wave of the deadly coronavirus that has led to a complete lockdown in several states, some people continue to flout the rules and roam outside their homes without valid reasons, prompting police officers to resort to punishment.

On Tuesday, police in Ambala City caught over 20 people violating the COVID-19 lockdown that has been imposed in the region until 10 May.

A video has surfaced on the Internet in which violators can be seen being punished by police, as they are made to do squats on the road and say loudly in Hindi, “Hum log lockdown ka paalan karenge (We will follow the lockdown guidelines)”.

The violators were let off after a stern warning by the police not to flout the lockdown.

While some netizens agreed with the punishment and had a good laugh about it, many raised questions about how effective it is and demanded that even politicians and actors flouting the lockdown be given the same punishment.

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