Video: Tornadoes Rage Through US South as Multiple Storm Warnings Emerge in Several States

Earlier in the week, reports emerged saying that the southern regions of the US could expect strong to severe storms, with a risk of tornadoes and heavy rainfall, as well as snow over the Rocky Mountains.

As the US National Weather Service continues to issue tornado warnings for several southern states including Texas, Oklahoma, Maryland and Illinois on Monday, social media users shared footage showing the aftermath of a storm raging through the region.

Earlier, one person was reportedly killed in a tornado in Georgia, with local power companies announcing that many services were affected and “a great deal of damage” had been caused. GreyStone Power company shared photos showing some of the impact of the storm.

​Videos allegedly filmed in the vicinity of Blum, Texas, show a tornado “dissipating” west of the area, while footage from Illinois also shows dark skies and whirlwinds assembling.

​Another video from Oklahoma in Pittsburgh county showed clouds darkening and lightning illuminating the skies above the city, as a tornado warning was announced in the area.

The storms started on Sunday in Mississippi, with a massive tornado ripping through businesses, infrastructure and homes. Local National Weather Service shared footage showing two businesses destroyed after the whirlwind.

​Forecasts suggest that serious weather conditions in the southern regions of the US will continue through Tuesday and possibly further into the week.

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