Don’t Knock, Just Smash the Door Down! Feds Break Into Wrong House Searching for Pelosi’s Laptop, Seize Electronics

A computer from the House Speaker’s office was stolen during the 6 January riots in the Capitol, which saw thousands of angry Trump supporters burst into the legislative chambers in an attempt to overturn lawmakers’ decision to declare Joe Biden the victor in the November 2020 election.

An Alaska woman received a fright this week after about a dozen FBI agents and an officer from the Capitol Police violently entered her home to search for Speaker Pelosi’s stolen laptop, only to realize that they mistook her for another woman.

Marilyn Heuper, a resident of Homer, Alaska, told local media that federal agents burst through the door of her and her husband’s home, handcuffing them and their guests and proceeding to confiscate electronics, including the couple’s laptops and a cellphone, and searching around for four hours while engaging them in conversation.

“I think almost right off the bat, they said, ‘Well you probably know why we’re here’, or something like that,” Heuper said, recalling the incident. “It’s like, yeah no, not really. And they said, ‘Well, we’re here for Nancy Pelosi’s laptop.’ And I said, ‘Oh’.”

The woman said she laughed and apologized after an agent asked her ‘who she was working for.’ “I don’t mean to be disrespectful and laughing, but this is really surreal and strange,” she said.

U.S. Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi arrives for a news conference on the day the House of Representatives is expected to vote on legislation to provide $1.9 trillion in new coronavirus relief at the U.S. Capitol in Washington, U.S., February 26, 2021

Heuper said she asked the agents why they didn’t just knock instead of smashing down her door. They reportedly claimed they did, but received no response.

She added that during the search, agents showed her a photo of a woman who looked like her, but that additional photos showed that she was “clearly” not the person they were looking for.

The FBI’s Anchorage field office later confirmed to the Associated Press that a court-authorized search had taken place at Heuper’s residence, but noted that they do not “discuss or describe any contact we have or allegedly have with individuals” as a matter of policy.

Heuper confirmed that she and her husband Paul were in the Washingdon, DC area on vacation on 6 January, and attended the pro-Trump rally where the president spoke, which took place several kilometers from the site of the violence at the Capitol complex. She stressed that the couple did not take part in the riot. She added that she didn’t even know that Pelosi’s laptop had been stolen.

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