Americans Left With Government of ‘Totally Disunited Country’, Ex-US Official Says

WASHINGTON (Sputnik) – Americans now have a government that rules over a completely disunited nation, while presuming itself to be a superpower set to impose its will on the entire international community, former Assistant US Treasury Secretary Paul Craig Roberts told Sputnik.

“The American population is splintered. There is no unity. The United States has become a diverse, multicultural Tower of Babel, which has drained all strength from the country,” Roberts said. “We are left with a government with a totally disunited country that imagines itself to be a superpower determined to force its will on the world.”

Roberts went on to say, however, that the international community is accustomed to 70 years of US dominance and is unaware that the United States has entered a process of collapse.

“US power rests substantially on the US dollar as world reserve currency, the currency used for international transactions,” he said. “This privileged role has been harmed by the Federal Reserves creation of trillions of new dollars in order to support the disastrous decisions of the unregulated mega-banks.”

Roberts also said the US government’s “freely issued” sanctions undermine the dollar by teaching sanctioned nations to find alternatives to the dollar payments and clearing system.

In addition, US corporations have de-industrialized the United States by offshoring its manufacturing jobs, he said.

“The real family median income has eased to increase,” he said. “Wealth and income gains have gone to the top one-half of one percent of the population. Indebtedness is the rule for the vast majority of the population, any and every one of whom can lose his or her job because of using a wrong pronoun or for not being sufficiently deferential to a transgendered person or a person of color.”

Roberts also pointed out that the country is further being divided as white Americans are under constant attack with charges of systemic racism.

“Their monuments are torn down, their museums closed. The ideology of the Democrat party is identity politics,” he said. “In Marxist class warfare, it is the capitalists who oppress the workers. In American identity politics, it is white Americans who oppress blacks and people of color and men who oppress women.”

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