Russia Summons Top Ukrainian Diplomat in Moscow Amid Controversy Over Sensitive Data

KIEV (Sputnik) – The Russian Foreign Ministry summoned the top Ukrainian diplomat in Moscow on Saturday, hours after the Russian security agency briefly detained a Ukrainian consul in St. Petersburg for allegedly receiving sensitive data, the Ukrainian media said.

“Ukraine’s charge d’affaires in Russia, Vasily Pokotilo, was summoned to the Russian Foreign Ministry following the arrest of a Ukrainian consul. We do not agree with their accusations. It was a provocation staged by the Russian security services”, an unnamed diplomat at the Ukrainian Embassy in Moscow was quoted as saying by the news agency  Unian.

Oleksandr Sosoniuk, the Ukrainian consul, was detained on Saturday morning during a meeting with a Russian national who allegedly wanted to pass classified information to Ukraine.

Oleksandr Sosoniuk

The diplomat was held in custody for several hours, a spokesman from the Ukrainian Foreign Ministry said. Kiev said it assessed the detention as a hostile action on the part of Russia and was preparing response measures toward Russian diplomats.

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