Graphic Video: New Mexico Police Officer Killed by Suspected Drug Dealer During Traffic Stop

Police officer Darian Jarrott died in February in the line of duty while pulling over a vehicle driver, who then shot him with an AR-15-style rifle. The shooter, Omar Felix Cueva, 39, had a “violent criminal history” and was suspected of being headed to a drug deal.

Police have released additional details regarding the murder of Darian Jarrott on 4 February, during a traffic stop of a white Chevrolet pickup on Interstate 10, eastbound, in New Mexico. The driver, when asked to get out of the car, opened the door, holding a rifle, and shot the policemen at least once, according to a video, released on Saturday.

Jarrott ducked down, hitting the ground and the Cueva approached, firing several more shots. After the policeman had been killed, Cueva shot Jarrott point-blank on the back of his head and fled the scene.

Warning: the following content may contain scenes not suitable for many audiences.

The murder was reported by a Homeland Security Investigations agent who arrived on the scene. After New Mexico State Police located Cueva, police officers Lionel Palomares and Sonny Montes opened a pursuit.

During a 40-mile chase, Cueva shot at his pursuers until police used tire deflation devices on Cueva’s pickup. A shootout started again as the vehicle stopped and the Cueva continued to fire on police.

As a result, one Las Cruces police officer, Adrian De La Garza, received minor injuries and was delivered via helicopter to hospital. Cueva was shot dead at the scene.

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