Man in India Arrested for Stripping Off on Delhi-Bound Flight From Bengaluru

In a similar incident in 2010, police caught a mentally unstable man who was running nude along a runway at Indira Gandhi International Airport (IGI) in Delhi.

Ever wondered what it’s like to be treated to a private strip dance during a flight? Well, dozens of passengers on a Delhi-bound flight found out when a 28-year-old man started taking off his clothes off mid-air.

It happened on an Air Asia flight I5 722 from Bengaluru city. 

According to flight officials, the man managed to strip completely naked before anyone was able to stop him. It was only after the flight attendants demanded he put his clothes back on did the man cover up. 

However, as the flight landed in Delhi he started stripping off again, officials said. 

“He was handed over to the cops. We are trying to contact his family to know about his mental health,” the officer said, adding that such behaviour can result in being put on the No Fly List, which prohibits culprits from boarding flights.

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