Don’t Ask Questions You Don’t Want to Know the Answer to: Elon Musk Confirms He’s an Alien

Musk has been skeptical about aliens sightings, previously posting on Twitter a comparison of graphs of rising camera resolution on a time scale and the resolution of UFO pictures, which was flat.

Elon Musk told his Twitter followers on Monday that he is an alien in response to a question by one user.

When the hi-tech tycoon tweeted that the Earth is not flat and has Donkey King living inside, one of the netizens asked him if he was an alien, to which Musk signalled that he obviously was.

It is unclear, whether the entrepreneur misspelled the name of the famous ape-like character from the popular video game series Donkey Kong, or indeed meant a king of donkeys, which could refer to Pakistan’s highest-grossing animated feature film.