Cocktail of Racism, Anti-Semitism & Covid-ism Accusations After Family Gets Kicked Off US Flight

Spirit Airlines have been under a siege of disapproval, following an incident that saw all passengers on a domestic flight deplaned and then allowed to board back on the aircraft.

American low-cost airline carrier has emerged at the center of a scandal with anti-Semitic and racial undertones, when it kicked out a family of Orthodox Jews off a flight over “non-compliance with the federal mask mandate.”

Videos of the incident that have gone viral on social media since 5 April show the Spirit Airlines flight attendant approaching a couple, flying with their two children aged 2 and 7, and asking them to get off the plane. The two-year old is seen sitting on her pregnant mother’s lap and eating a yogurt, while not wearing a mask. The couple, Ari and Avital Eisenberg, who were also traveling with their 7-year-old special needs child, argued that they were both wearing masks and their toddler has just turned two.