Startup, Disrupt! 5 Entrepreneurs Who are Making Waves In The Emerging Technologies Sector in 2021

Startups have been able to attract investors due to their dedication to build disruptive and innovative technologies, which could see 2021 become the year where such firms gain traction and advance products to customers globally.

The ongoing COVID-19 pandemic has marked the importance of businesses and individuals having crucial access to technologies, allowing them to work from home and contact people such as friends, family and colleagues.

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Emerging technologies such as artificial intelligence (AI), 5G, gigafast internet, cloud services, virtual and augmented reality (VR/AR) and numerous others have reshaped the way humans interact in business and personal matters, leading to multiple business verticals.

Alejandro Cremades, cofounder of Panthera Advisors, identified five entrepreneurs reshaping the global industry with fresh ideas and top technology solutions popular among startup accelerator programmes to adopt to changes from the pandemic.

Mateo Jaramillo, Form Energy

Skyrocketing demand for emerging technologies has also increased global energy consumption, and Form Energy has worked to tackle concerns on sustainability. The Massachusetts-based firm has worked extensively with US electric automaker Tesla and has built extensive energy storage solutions for its clients.

The firm aims to decarbonise the energy grid via batteries capable of storing over 100 hours of renewable energy in a bid to move to 100 percent green energy. Mr Jaramillo has also completed $127m in fundraising to boost the firm’s capital access.

Dor Abuhasira, Percepto

Percepto has been working to shift perceptions on drone technology from conventional military purposes to commercial use. The firm states it is an expert in “autonomous robot management and visual data analytics” via its drone-in-a-box solutions.

Mr Abuhasira recently $73m in fundraising to build autonomous drones to gather data via inspections and surveillance to generate reports for clients, with firms such as PG&E and FPL welcoming the technological concepts.

Anshul Ruparell, Properly

The Canada-based startup has revolutionised the real estate industry by integrating technology into buying and selling homes. Mr Ruparell’s firm has been offering end-to-end services to clients. Based in the Greater Toronto area, Properly successfully raised $15m in equity capital and $100m in debt financing to facilitate the buying process for buyers.

Rotem Iram, At-Bay

With offices in the United States and Israel, Rotem Iram has worked to address significant concerns in the deployment and use of technologies as well as data breaches and cyberattacks.

A man passes the entrance to the headquarters of Lloyds Banking Group in the City of London on July 28, 2016

The company has raised $91m to develop its cyber insurance startup to protect businesses against cyberattacks and security threats to digital systems. At-Bay trains technicians to advise numerous firms on investing in digitisation equipment and security systems needed to safeguard them.

Stefan Batory, Booksy

Mr Batory has been developing SaaS solutions for clients to stay connected and book services with customers.

Headquartered in Wilmington, Deleware, Boosky has offices across the United States, United Kingdom, Poland, Ireland, India, Brazil and many others.

The firm has raised $190m to develop streamlined solutions for customers, who can book services via online calendar management tools for a small subscription fee.

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