Trump Says He ‘Expected’ Biden’s ‘Terrible Tumble’ on Air Force One Stairs

On Sunday, White House press secretary Jen Psaki blamed Air Force One’s “tricky” stairs for last week’s incident, when President Joe Biden stumbled three times while climbing the stairs of the plane before his presidential trip to Atlanta.

Donald Trump on Monday revealed that he was not surprised about President Joe Biden’s small fall on Air Force One’s steps last week.  

In an interview with the US news outlet Newsmax, Trump said that he had “expected it, actually”, in a nod to an incident last Friday, when Biden stumbled three times and at one point fell to his knees when boarding the presidential plane.

“When I went down the ramp at West Point, which was like a sheet of ice with no railing, no nothing — great planning — I wanted to go inch by inch because the last thing I want to do is take a tumble like Biden did. Now that tumble was terrible and it wasn’t really one, it was three”, the ex-POTUS added.

Trump also hinted that Biden’s mental state prevents him from being in the know about what papers he is signing, partly drawing parallels between POTUS and 79-year-old Democratic Senator Bernie Sanders.

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