Video: Quake Hits Alexander Zverev vs Dominik Koepfer Tennis Match at Mexican Open

The tremors happened during the game, meaning the players literally rallied through an earthquake. A good story for their grandkids, nonetheless.

Friday evening’s semifinal of the ATP Tour’s Mexican Open between Russia’s Alexander Zverev and Germany’s Dominik Koepfer was interrupted by 5.7-magnitude quake tremors. 

According to the ATP website, Zverev said neither he nor his opponent knew what was going on.

“We just heard the crowd. I guess the lights started shaking and the crowd felt it more than we did. We were running around the court, so we had to play a point during the earthquake,” he said. “We didn’t feel much, but still obviously I know it happens here in Acapulco. I hope everyone is fine at the area that is closest to the earthquake.”

Zverev ended up victorious and he’s now preparing for the final. 

Footage of the moment the tremors occurred was uploaded onto the ATP Twitter account.