Local Italian Official Pushes for Giving Sputnik V to Cross-Border Workers in San Marino

GENOA (Sputnik) – Elia Rossi, the mayor of the Monte Grimano Terme commune in the Italian region of Marche, neighboring the Republic of San Marino, is pushing for access to Russia’s Sputnik V vaccine for Italian cross-border workers in San Marino, the official told Sputnik in an interview.

“It is a subject on which I will not give up and to which I will definitely return. I will write again to Health Minister Roberto Speranza and ask him again to give the opportunity to be vaccinated with Sputnik V if not on the Italian territory, at least in San Marino … in the Republic of San Marino we have the opportunity to do so, at least to start with cross-border workers who go there daily, and therefore we need to clear the way at least for them,” Rossi said.

According to the mayor, San Marino now administers around 400 vaccines a day, which means that in a month and a half vaccination of its own population might be over.

“At the moment we are on the stage of the exchange of intentions, in the sense that we have both agreed that there is a need to make sure that at least cross-border workers who go to San Marino every day could be immunized in the shortest possible time, given also a huge effort that San Marino is making to vaccinate all its citizens,” Rossi stated.

The mayor explained that there are about 8,000 cross-border workers, which could mean a great relief for Italy’s Emilia-Romagna region and Pesaro province, neighboring San Marino, as it would free 16,000 doses of the vaccines that are authorized for use in the country.

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