Video of Ecstatic Forest Official Goes Viral as Rain Douses Raging Fire in Indian Park

A forest fire was raging for over two weeks in the Similipal National Park in the Indian state of Odisha, which is home to a large number of wild animals, including tigers and elephants.

A video of an ecstatic forest official in the Similipal National Park who had been tirelessly working for the past two weeks to bring the raging flames under control, has gone viral with over a million views.

Indian forest officials as well as members of fire fighting units had been working overtime to douse the blaze, but with little results. 

The forest officer is seen enjoying the moment with immense delight and twirling in the rain as the skies opened up and it started dousing the flames. 

Netizens have responded warmly to her honest happiness and lauded her sincere emotions.

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