US Citizens Could Be Allowed to Hold Foreign Hackers Accountable Through Courts

According to earlier reports, the US will work out measures to combat an increasing number of cyberattacks from foreign governments. The US has already listed Russia, China, Iran and North Korea among other countries with harmful cyber activity.

A group of American lawmakers has prepared a bill that would allow the US government to prosecute countries that carry out cyberattacks against Americans, according to information provided on Monday by US House member and Democrat Colin Allred, the leading author of bill, on his personal web-page.

The legislation, called Homeland and Cyber Threat (HACT) Act, would give US citizens the opportunity to file lawsuits in federal or state courts against foreign governments for cyber activity, bypassing immunities given to external employees or agents.

“Cyberattacks against American citizens are only increasing and Congress should give Americans the tools they need to fight back against foreign attacks. This legislation does just that by giving Americans the ability to hold foreign governments accountable for damage done by cyberattacks”, Allred tweeted.

Among the legislation’s proponents are both Republicans and Democrats, including Congressmen Jack Bergman, Brian Fitzpatrick, Jaime Herrera Beutler, Joe Neguse and Andy Kim.

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