Trump to Reportedly Visit New York Amid City’s Ongoing Investigation Into His Finances

According to a media report, the visit is not connected to the legal battle, which received a new twist after the US Supreme Court rejected Trump’s attempt to block the release of his tax returns and other financial records.

Former US President Donald Trump will return to New York on 7 March, the city where he grew up and started many of his businesses, several media including The Guardian reported. The ex-POTUS currently lives in his Mar-o-Lago residence in Florida, which he often visited during his presidential tenure.

Local WABC-TV reported that police were boosting security around Trump Tower located in Manhattan, but law enforcement refused to comment on the news. The building frequently attracted critics of the former Republican president, with a piece of Fifth Avenue, where it is located, becoming the site of a “Black Lives Matter” mural during the summer 2020 demonstrations.

The ex-POTUS’ reported homecoming is taking place amid the continuing investigation by the city’s authorities into his financial affairs. The latter received a substantial boost after the US Supreme Court rejected Trump’s bid to block the release of his financial records, including tax returns. However, media reports suggest that the alleged visit to New York is not related to the probe.

Trump Seemingly Resumes Political Activity

The reports of the ex-president’s visit to New York come in the wake of his speech at the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC), where he hinted at a return to politics and a possible presidential bid in 2024. He remains one of the most preferred Republican candidates for the nomination according to the polls, despite the turbulent ending of his only term, which included a second impeachment trial in which he was acquitted and accusations of inciting the 6 January Capitol riot.

Trump is also set to play an important role in the Republican Party itself after many of its prominent members spoke during the 2021 CPAC in favour of supporting the policies set out by the former president. The ex-POTUS previously released a list of the GOP candidates for the 2022 midterms he intends to endorse. It namely included South Carolina Gov. Henry McMaster, Idaho Senator Mike Crapo and Arkansas Lieutenant Governor Tim Griffin.

Former President Donald Trump walks off stage after an address to the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) held in the Hyatt Regency on February 28, 2021 in Orlando, Florida.

Donald Trump also previously backed Republican Max Miller, who is set to challenge fellow GOP Anthony Gonzalez for a House seat, after the latter voted in favour of impeaching Trump in the January 2021 impeachment.

The former president is not only throwing his weight behind his supporters, and Gonzalez is not the only Republican who might regret crossing Trump. The ex-POTUS stated on 6 March that he also will be campaigning against the current Republican senator from Alaska, Lisa Murkowski, who was one of seven GOP senators who voted in favour of convicting Trump on the impeachment charge of inciting the 6 January Capitol riot. Trump claimed that Murkowski “represents her state badly and her country even worse” and hence should be replaced.

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