Thousand More Policemen and Extra Fencing Recommended by Capitol Security Review Panel

The National Guard is still stationed at the Capitol complex after the 6 January storming of the building amid online rumours of possible riots, which turned out to be false.

A panel appointed by House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and led by retired Lt. Gen. Russel Honoré to review Capitol security measures is recommending – among other things – to step up the police presence and erect mobile fencing around the building, Axios reported citing sources.

According to sources familiar with the report, the panel’s recommendations include expanding the Capitol Police force by 1,100 as well as establishing a “Quick Reaction Force” to assist with responding to emergencies in the Capitol region to replace the National Guard presence.

The report also recommends mobile or retractable fencing around the Capitol and members’ office buildings.

On Monday Russel Honoré and panel member are expected to brief Congress on the recommendations.

The measures come amid rumours of possible riots in March following the 6 January capitol protests. The National Guard was deployed as a result in Washington DC, primarily tasked with ensuring calm during Biden’s inauguration ceremony.

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