Republican PAC Reportedly Suggests to Recruit Women, Minorities, Veterans to Retake House in 2022

Despite the loss of the White House and Senate majority in the 2020 electoral cycle, the GOP managed to boost its position in the House of Representatives, gaining 14 new seats, and falling just five seats short of retaking the majority.

The Republican super PAC Congressional Leadership Fund (CLF), which successfully campaigned for GOP candidates in the 2020 elections, has reportedly developed a strategy for the party to retake the House in the 2022 midterms, according to a memo obtained by Axios.

The paper lays out a number of strategies to ensure electoral victory and regain a majority in the House. One of them is the recruitment of new GOP candidates, specifically women, minorities, and veterans. This strategy was used by the GOP in the 2020 elections and yielded good results in winning over Democrat-held seats, CLF reportedly points out in the memo.

“They were candidates of character, heroism, and achievement. That’s not by accident. [House Minority] Leader McCarthy made it a priority from the outset to find strong candidates with compelling life stories that reflect their districts”, the paper reportedly said.

The super PAC also reportedly suggests that Republicans build their campaigns to underscore the contrast between the GOP and Democrats, who they claim are “moving further left and [are] increasingly out-of-touch”. According to the cited paper, CLF believes that by 2022 many citizens will have had “their first taste of life under total Democratic control” of the White House and Congress and seen the Biden administration “cave to the socialist left at every turn”, thus playing into Republicans’ agenda.

CLF reportedly counted as many as 50 districts, where Republicans have a shot at flipping seats, specifically pointing to such Democrats as Ron Kind of Wisconsin, Jared Golden of Maine, and Matt Cartwright of Pennsylvania, as potential targets. The super PAC noted that the GOP will have plenty of opportunities in 2022 to get the five seats it needs to secure a majority in the House.

The then San Francisco District Attorney Kamala Harris poses for a portrait in San Francisco on 18 June 2004, in a black suit, accentuated with a strand of white pearls and a white tee.

At the same time, the party will have to fix some of the issues it encountered in the 2020 elections, the paper obtained by Axios said. It stressed the importance of Republican candidates starting to pay more attention to fundraising and funding their campaigns themselves, instead of relying on help from the party and the Congressional Leadership Fund. The super PAC pointed out that around half of GOP incumbents and nearly all Republican challengers had been outraised by Democrats in the last election.

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