‘They Also Paid For It’: Golden Trump Statue Made in Mexico, Artist Says

A golden statue of the former US president, Donald Trump, appeared to steal the show at the CPAC conference after appearing on the site in Orlando, Florida, on Thursday. Netizens immediately dubbed it the “golden calf” and grilled the biblical subtext online.

Tommy Zegan, the artist behind the golden statue of Donald Trump at CPAC, is an American expat living in Mexico, revealed Politico Playbook on Saturday. Zegan reportedly crafted his sculpture south of the border, in Rosarito, according to the outlet.

According to Zegan, he created the 200-pound fiberglass statue with the help of three men in Rosarito, then transported it to Tampa, Florida, where it was painted with chrome – only for this trip to finish in Orlando at the CPAC conference, where the golden Trump stole the show on Thursday. 

Those willing to own the statue, according to the sculptor, now have that opportunity.

“If someone offered me $100,000 I’d take it,” Zegan told Playbook.

Netizens found the origin story of the golden Trump ironic, recalling the former president’s stance on Mexico.

“Gold Trump statue was made in Mexico. They’re not sending us their best”, one user wrote in a tweet.

“The golden Trump statue was made in Mexico by an American expat who lives there, because the universe is intent on destroying the possibility of satire.”, another noted.

“LOL. Mexico didn’t build the wall, they built the golden idol.”, another user said.