Video: B-2 Stealth Bombers Seen Cruising Over Skies Above Utah

Considered to be the most expensive aircraft in the history of aviation, the B-2 is touted by the United States military as a multi-role bomber capable of firing both conventional and nuclear weapons.

Three B-2 stealth bombers were spotted in the skies above Utah on Friday, with photos and video showing contrails shared online.

“This is something you don’t see everyday. While in #UtahCounty I looked up and see 3 contrails. Nothing showed up on #Radar or #ADSB. I zoomed in and saw 3 #B2Bombers flying in formation. Very rare to see 3 at about 50,000 ft cruising over #Utah”, a user named SLCScanner tweeted on Friday.

The photos reveal three contrails curling in the sky emitted by the triangle-shaped B-2 aircraft, as the three bombers cruise at high altitude.