Police Evacuate Nearly 2,600 Properties in UK’s Exeter Due to World War II Bomb

MOSCOW (Sputnik) – The discovery of an undetonated WWII-era explosive device forced evacuation of some 2,600 buildings in Exeter city in southwest England, the local police department said on Saturday.

“The mass evacuation of around 2,600 properties in the vicinity of Glenthorne Road, Exeter, this morning has concluded following the discovery of a possible unexploded World War Two bomb”, Devon and Cornwall police said in a statement.

​The bomb was found on private land west of the University’s campus on Friday morning, and operations to neutralize it and relocate residents from nearby buildings were underway ever since. The area is cordoned off, the police said, adding that public safety is under the control of the security forces. The police promise to complete demining of the device by the end of the day.

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