‘Golden Calf Not Available?’: Trump Statue at CPAC Bashed Online Over Idol Worship

The Conservative Police Action Conference (CPAC) is an annual event hosted by the American Conservative Union and attended by a variety of elected officials from across the nation. This year’s event will likely serve as an opportunity for 2024 hopefuls looking to appeal and gain support from party members.

A golden statue of former US President Donald Trump appeared late on Thursday at CPAC in Orlando, Florida, quickly prompting a mass lifting of eyebrows as netizens highlighted its biblical undertones.

Video of the statue, which was captured and shared online by Bloomberg reporter William Turton, shows two individuals wheeling it away as event attendees cheer and even begin chanting, “four more years.” Several onlookers are seen snapping photos and expressing their amazement at the sight.

As for the golden statue itself, the piece has Trump wearing his signature suit-and-tie stylings, but rather than being fitted with traditional slacks, the former commander-in-chief is seen wearing some flip-flops and shorts emblazoned with the American flag.

And yet, that’s still not all that can be seen. The Trump statue also comes with its very own star-topped wand, which the sculpture is seen holding in its left hand. A copy of the US Constitution appears to be in the smiling statue’s right hand.